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Changes in Long-term Care Insurance

| January 02, 2017
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Lately, there has been a lot of new announcements in the long-term care insurance industry and it's hard to keep up what do they actually mean to those of us who already have long-term care insurance or thinking of getting it in the near future. Here with us is an insurance expert David Beck from the financial planning firm of Egan, Berger & Weiner to shed some light on this.  

1) Who and what were the recent announcements?
2) Are these announcements a big deal or just business, as usual?
3) I already own a long-term care policy from John Hancock or Genworth, what should I do now?
4) So what if I am looking at purchasing long-term care insurance what I should I do?
5) What is the difference between these hybrid policies and the traditional long-term care insurance policies?
6) Is there some way to know which policy type is better for me?

This segment originally appeared on Channel 8 "Let's Talk Live" program. 

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