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Financial Strategies For Millennial Investors

| November 20, 2018
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In case you missed it, you can now watch our latest webinar, where Christy White, CFP® and Financial Planner Justin Ivey with Egan Berger & Weiner (EBW) offer strategies for successful beginnings to millennial investors. 

Join EBW for our planning for "Financial Strategies for Successful Beginnings" webinar. In this webinar, we focus on key tips for millennials in their 20s and 30s who desire to work their way towards financial freedom. Getting an early start saving for retirement can make all the difference in achieving your future financial goals. The hard part is often deciding how to divide up your paycheck between savings and debt repayment. In this webinar, EBW's Christy White, CFP®, and Financial Planner Justin Ivey presented the tools you'll need to make more educated financial decisions. The presentation covers budgeting, balancing debt repayment and savings, and employee benefits such as retirement plans.

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