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Cruising Around the World in Retirement

| May 08, 2019
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EBW Life is a new feature from Egan, Berger & Weiner. We want to focus on our clients and the extraordinary stories of how they are enjoying their retirement to the fullest. This month, Steven and Cecilia tell us about their adventures on cruises all across the world! We'd love to spotlight your story in a future piece at EBW Life. Contact us at so we can tell your story as well!

What an excellent time to be retired!  We decided a year ago to take the plunge. There were too many things we wanted to see. Our favorite venue for seeing the world is cruising.  We like both ocean and river cruising.

This year we have been on the move.  We have tasted gin and whiskey in Ireland and visited where the Beatles had their start in Liverpool.  We have cruised the rivers and canals of France, visiting historic French Chateaus and sampled some of the best wines in Bordeaux.  Always eager to learn, we listened to the history and saw ancient ruins while visiting beautiful and remote Western Mediterranean islands surrounded by crystal clear water and spectacular sunsets. 

Our travels have taken us to Buenos Aries and we have seen the ‘end of the world’ at Cape Horn, as well as swimming penguins and whales at Antarctica.  In one of our port calls, we have traveled in a jeep to see the deserts of Arabia near Dubai.  We enjoyed sea days sailing the Arabian and Red Seas and traversed the Suez Canal.  Visiting the ruins of Petra, we saw facades carved into sides of mountains by an early and nearly forgotten culture.  It’s wonderful having the time and resources to make this happen.

We do like our home in Northern Virginia, but we enjoy seeing the world.  While in excellent health, you never know the day when one of us or both of us can’t manage the travel.  So this is our time for ‘hands-on’ adventure to see what we have been reading about and/or seeing in pictures.  

Nothing is more exciting than actually going to a spot in the world and later reading about it in the Travel Section of the Washington Post or watching some Travel-log which invariably invokes from one of us, “We’ve been there!”  We both have learned to enjoy our creature comforts and our days of frugal travel have morphed into, "lets at least eat well and travel in comfort."  This is probably the main reason we enjoy going on cruises.  You unpack once and let the moving hotel take you where you want to go.  The locations are many and there is a price point for anyone’s budget.  We will say with all the tempting food, we do both exercise to stay fit.  This allows us to participate in long walks exploring new cities and site excursions. 

What’s next for us this year are cruises to Scandinavia and Saint Petersburg, Israel, and the Galapagos with a land excursion to see Machu Picchu.  Did we mention, it is an excellent time to be retired?



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