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Home is Where We Park: Exploring North America by RV

| November 02, 2018
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EBW Life is a new feature from Egan, Berger & Weiner. We want to focus on our clients and the extraordinary stories of how they are enjoying their retirement to the fullest. This month, Dana and Russ Smith relate to us their incredible adventures across the United States in a motorhome. We'd love to spotlight your story in a future piece at EBW Life. Contact us at so we can tell your story as well!

We’ve eaten mussels on Prince Edward Island, crawfish in Louisiana, barbeque in Texas, and caught our own scallops in Florida.  We kayaked in three Great Lakes: The Gulf of Mexico, Laguna Madre and the Bay of Fundy.  We’ve waded across the narrow Mississippi River at its origin in Minnesota and we’ve watched barges push freight down Big Muddy in Arkansas.  We’ve hiked in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  We’ve snorkeled off Key West and driven through Manitoba to reach the isolated Northwest Angle of Minnesota.  We’ve visited National Parks and museums and walked on beaches (both fresh water and salt water) in the US and Canada.  We observed the totality of the Great Eclipse on the shores of a lake in Tennessee.  We’ve traveled with our granddaughter each of the past three summers.  Our motorhome has taken us on all of these adventures, and more.

We have itchy feet and love to travel, and we take our chocolate Labrador Retriever dog with us.  So, just before we retired, we purchased a used motorhome.  In it, we sleep every night in our comfortable (and clean) bed.  We dress in the morning in clothes that were stored in drawers or a wardrobe.  We eat food prepared in our little kitchen, saving restaurants for special meals.  In five years, we have driven 50,000 miles, and we have so many more places we want to travel to and see. Some of our trips last two weeks, others last two months.  We don’t plan too tight an itinerary (we are retired after all).  If we like a spot, we may stay longer than we had originally estimated. 

When we are done in a spot, we move along.

To keep in touch with our family and friends, we write blog posts about where we are exploring.  We are often asked how we decide where we are going to visit and what we will do there.  Sometimes we do research online or in books.  Often, we talk to other campers in the campgrounds and find out what they recommend.   If you’d like to follow our adventures, check out


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