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Top 10 Retirement Mistakes You Don't Want to Have to Explain to Your Wife

| May 27, 2016
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In his role as a founding partner at Egan, Berger & Weiner, LLC, Sheldon Weiner has been giving retirement advice for well over 35 years. During that time he has seen clients make literally hundreds of mistakes regarding their retirement planning.

He personally has learned from their mistakes — mainly because as a husband for more than four decades, he does not want to have to explain to his wife, Sharon, why they do not have the quality of life in retirement that she has been looking forward to.

To help you do the same, Sheldon answers the following questions:

1. What made you choose to write about this topic – “10 Retirement Mistakes I Don’t Want to Have to Explain to My Wife”?
2. Why can taking social security early be a bad thing?
3. Why is not underestimating your life expectancy so important?
4. Why do you recommend consulting a financial advisor?
5. Have you taken your own advice? Do you have anything to explain to your wife?


This segment originally appeared on Channel 8 Let's Talk Live program.

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