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Women + Social Security: What You Need To Do To Prepare For Retirement

| May 11, 2016
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Did you know that women worldwide currently outlive men by about five years? Statistics show that by age 85, there are roughly six women to every four men. At age 100, the ratio is more than two to one. And by age 122 — the current world record for human longevity — the score stands at one-nil, in favor of women.

Watch as Carmen Wu advises on the following questions:

1. Should women who usually tend to earn less income than men during their lives and spend fewer years in the workforce (for a variety of reasons), take a conservative approach to investing the money they do earn?

2. Is it important to identify your sources of retirement income — before you retire?

3. How important is it to understand your options when it comes to your Social Security benefits?

4. How do you create a realistic budget for the amount of cash you’ll need?

5. What questions should you ask a financial adviser who might be helping with the process?

This segment originally appeared on Channel 8 Let's Talk Live program.

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