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February 6, 2018 News

Howard Pressman Featured in Article, "TV personality Stacy London’s cautionary tale about stress, escapism and going broke"

February 6, 2018, MarketWatch- Stacy London rose to fame on the aptly-titled television series “What Not to Wear.” Now the fashion consultant is getting back on the soapbox to tell people what not to do with their money.

In an essay for digital lifestyle publication Refinery29, London detailed how she spent nearly all of her fortune over the past two years. And while the rich-and-famous lifestyle she led contributed to her financial meltdown, the roots of her struggles echo what’s occurring to millions of people across America. Especially those who are stressed out or freaked out by the recent stock market turbulence or, indeed, turbulence in their personal lives.

For people who are depressed though, taking steps to limit spending will be only somewhat successful, said Howard Pressman, a certified financial planner and partner at EBW Financial Planning, an financial adviser firm based in Northern Virginia. “The only real answer is to address the underlying issues of their disease by working with a qualified doctor,” Pressman said. “Unless and until the disease is battled head-on, little else will work.”

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