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Howard Pressman Featured in Forbes Article Addressing Social Security in Retirement

| August 27, 2018
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Howard Pressman Featured in Forbes article, "How To Plan (Or Not Plan) For Social Security In Retirement"

August 24, 2018, Forbes - Three-quarters of Americans are concerned that by the time they’re ready to retire, Social Security won’t be there for them, according to the most recent Transamerica Retirement Survey. This is especially true for younger workers: 83% of Generation X and 80% of Millennials have this fear, compared to 65% of Baby Boomers.

But what do experts have to say about Social Security? Are financial planners still relying on the social safety net in their future calculations? Here, financial experts weigh in:

Don’t count on it—consider it a potential bonus

“We do not think it’s prudent to factor Social Security benefits into the plans of our younger clients. Building plans based upon these conservative assumptions may lead to better outcomes whether Social Security is available for them or not.” –Howard Pressman, financial planner in Vienna, VA

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