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Join us on May 19th for the "In The Room With Ben Stein" Webinar

Join us on May 19th for the "In The Room With Ben Stein" Webinar

May 12, 2022
You’re invited to an exclusive, one-on-one conversation with economist, writer, and comedian Ben Stein. Click here to sign up to watch the webinar! The event is on May 19, 2022 at 2 p.m. EST.
More than Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher, Ben is a respected finance writer with a deep understanding of personal finance and how investors can set themselves up for success in a variety of economic conditions.
Hear from Ben as he shares his insights on today’s economic uncertainty, strategies for weathering rising inflation, and thinking for the long term. Cetera’s Chief Investment Officer, Gene Goldman, will take you IN THE ROOM with what an entire generation considers the most famous economics teacher in history, Ferris Bueller’s monotone econ professor, Ben Stein!
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