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Bryan Beatty featured in Investment News: “Advisers Lean Toward Yellen for Fed Post Over Summers

Bryan Beatty Quoted in Investment News Article, “Advisers Lean Toward Yellen for Fed Post Over Summers”

August 3, 2014, Investment News - In this article, Bryan offers his views on the next Federal Reserve chairman. 

Although he predicts that the Obama administration will want a “dovish” Fed chair, Bryan Beatty, a partner at Egan Berger & Weiner LLC, wants the next leader to raise interest rates.

“What we need more than anything is healthy savings — real money at the banks,” Mr. Beatty said. “It would be very beneficial for spending in our economy if [savers] got a little interest on their money and not have to risk it so much. [The Fed] is fixated on the asset side rather than the disposable-income side.”

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Bryan Beatty Quoted in Investment News Article, "Advisers Lean Toward Yellen for Fed Post Over Summers"