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Bryan Beatty in Northern Virginia Magazine Dodd-Frank: Congress Looks at How Money Men Work With You

Bryan Beatty Featured in Northern Virginia Magazine Article, "Dodd-Frank—Congress Takes a Closer Look at How Money Men Work With You"

May 25, 2011, Northern Virginia magazine — In her article, “Dodd-Frank—Congress takes a closer look at how money men work with you,” reporter Amanda Millward writes:

After the demise of the financial sector—stock market crash, Enron and Worldcom scandals, housing market collapse, Madoff Ponzi Scheme, ETC.—it’s no wonder that the public is skeptical about entrusting their money to industry representatives. Many don’t understand the different roles financial professionals can play, or the amount of education they should have. It’s important for consumers to know as much as possible about their financial planners and how they work. And while the average person does a bit of homework, Congress is working to ensure anyone who dubs him/herself as a financial pro is putting the consumers’ best interests first.

They were watched, but were they watched close enough? She asked financial planner Bryan Beatty to weigh in.

Beatty, who is for uniform fiduciary, explains that many financial professionals have a lot to lose if the system is changed. He says, “There are a lot of people making a lot of money with the way the system currently is. They don’t want that changed.”

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Dodd-Frank - Congress Takes a Closer Look at How Money Men Work With You"