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Bryan Beatty Tells Investment News Why Financial Advisers Tell Clients To Shrug Off the Greek

Bryan Beatty Tells Investment News Why "Financial Advisers Tell Clients To Shrug Off the Greek"

Financial Advisers tell clients to shrug off the GreekJuly 6, 2015, Investment News — In today’s issue of Investment News reporter Jeff Benjamin explains that financial advisers and investors are keeping a calm head by keeping Greece in perspective.

He writes: “As Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday (July 5), ultimately voting against the latest austerity measures presented by the European Union to help guide Greece out of it financial straits, there doesn’t appear to be any happy outcomes for the Mediterranean country.”

Benjamin interviewed Egan, Berger & Weiner partner Bryan Beatty, who explained that it isn’t that markets ignored the significance of what could be the first developed market to default on its debt, but the reality is that Greece is becoming an old story.

“This has been with us since 2010, and we’ve been explaining the Greece scenario to our clients all along,” Beatty said. “If you’re sitting in cash and you’ve been looking for an opportunity to get in to the markets, there might be a reason to take notice,” he added. “But this is really a political issue and the bigger question is what it means for the rest of the eurozone. It’s a dangerous scenario for the European Union. We’re avoiding the entire European southern region.”

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