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Sheldon Weiner Featured in Cover Story of Research Magazine

Sheldon Weiner Featured in a Cover Story of Research Magazine

Stock: A Hard SellMarch 13, 2013, Research magazine — Egan, Berger & Weiner founding partner Sheldon Weiner was featured in the Research magazine article entitled, “Stocks: A Hard Sell.”

This cover story of the publication, written by Ellen Uzelac, explains that client enthusiasm for equities has evaporated. How are advisors responding?
Uzelac asked Sheldon Weiner about buying stocks: Should investors buy or not?

Weiner said: “Stocks have been a hard sell, but they shouldn’t be. They run in cycles and they have for several hundred years. Back in 2002 or so, Warren Buffett was asked by a reporter, ‘Who in their right mind would put money in the stock market right now? His answer was ‘the millionaire of tomorrow.’ That hasn’t changed.”

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